A few summers ago I spent a while watching and filming baby frogs in my mums pond in Plymouth. In the afternoon prehaps the hottest time of the day, I observed the frogs sitting on the pond lilly pads and preying on the Aphids wandering around. What I thought was amazing was the fact that they barely ever moved an inch and literally sat in wait for a completely unsuspecting Aphid to walk past and before you knew it the Frog had engulfed the Aphid in one! I thought this behaviour was pretty amazing so I set my camera up on a tripod to capture it. Amongst a misfit cast watch this baby frog devor an unsuspecting Aphid below :

Im trying to get more into filming now so watch this space for more videos coming this way and I do apologise for the amateur looking credits as I just wanted to practice my non-existant after effects skills!

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