Tiny Wembury Wildlife

I have recently been on a couple of walks around Wembury with my mum while the weather has been good and I quickly noticed the diverse amount of Wildlife around,including many birds mammals and especially insects. If I had another lense I would of tried to take more pictures of other things but being that [...]

Butterflies galore!!

During the summer of 2015 I spent alot of time around Devon  and Cornwall in fields, gardens, forests and  coastal footpaths.Within this time I managed to photograph many different species of butterfly. I thought I would include them all in one post for you to see. Butterflies (lepidoptera) are an important indicator species which are [...]

Opal South West and Plymouth woodland project photography competition winners

This summer Opal South West and Plymouth woodland project teamed up to run a photography competition highlighting the diverse range of  wildlife around the South West which has adapted to urban environments. Being from Plymouth I thought I would try my luck and enter a picture from last summer of a Garden cross spider. The [...]