Civicdaze Filming Mission 2013

Marc S.A Carter came down for a few days to catch up on filming for the up coming civicdaze plymouth skate video by Olly howe , so we decided to head out to some street spots and see what would go down!


S.A (South Africa) was on fire straight off the back of a five hour train journey heres a awkward bs 50.50.


Luke was straight cold chilling! Check out that fanny pack steez!


S.A taking some hits on this one because of the rough landing but this boneless came out sweet!


sa doubleset kickflip

In the end we found this sketchy double set which is a lot harder than it looks! Heres S.A again with a good ole kickflip ma boody!

Check out more of whats going on at and on the civicdaze facebook page

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