Last month I was fortunate to come runner up in a local photography competition organised by Natural Devon to raise awareness of the importance of local pollinating insects.  This is a very important subject at the moment  as many Bee species in the UK are in decline and without these pollinators it will be much harder to pollinate crops such as Oilseed rape and Strawberries. However, not all pollinators are Bees and I decided to enter this picture of  a Daggerfly (Empididae). I took the picture on the cliffs of Wembury and you can clearly see a couple of different varieties of pollen that it has picked up along its journey from flower to flower.
Thanks to Natural Devon Local Natural partnership, I am now in possesion of a large bag of wild flower seeds which was my runner up prize.

Wild flower seeds, DLNP

This bag contains 28 species of  wild flowers and 12 species of  wild grass which should encourage pollinators to return. When the weather is milder I shall plant the seeds and monitor the progress of the plants and the wildlife they attract and keep updating my Blog with the pictures of the new arrivals. Let’s see who turns up???

Check out Devon Local Nature Partnerships website here : for more information about how you can help pollinators in Devon.

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