This summer Opal South West and Plymouth woodland project teamed up to run a photography competition highlighting the diverse range of  wildlife around the South West which has adapted to urban environments. Being from Plymouth I thought I would try my luck and enter a picture from last summer of a Garden cross spider.

Garden cross spider(Araneus Diadematus).Opal South west and plymouth woodland project over 18 Urban wildlife winner.
This female (I think) stayed on my van for months and she just kept growing and growing! guess she must of done well catching flies hanging on to my van mirror but then got too big and had to find a new home!

The competitions is now over so head over to the Plymouth woodland project website to see all the amazing winning pictures including my  Garden cross spider which won the over 18’s Urban wildlife category. All the winners pictures will be displayed at the Plymouth University so stay posted for more details on the dates and location if your intrested in having a look.

Also check out Opal South west website and the main Plymouth Woodland Project website to find out more about the organisations and the amazing work they do around the South West in regards to conservation ,surveying and education.

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