*CIVICDAZE UPDATE* – Mallorca Roadtrip

Well it was a few months back now and ive been having technical problems so let me off! any way at the beginnig of this so called British Summer the Director (olly Howe) organised a trip to Mallorca to see if we could get some footage for the civicdaze video! Sun, Skatespots and a beach […]

UK Winter Storm at Fort Bovisand

During the winter 2014 in the UK a large storm ravaged the southwest. Me and a frien knew the swell would be large from the previous day so we got up before dusk to head down to Bovisand Fort near Plymouth to check it out. Here are some pictures of what we saw: The swell […]

Halloween Hammers 2013

It started off with just ten people but over the last five years the skateboarding competition/fun jam me and my friend Lucas started has grown and grown! Due to the wet weathe rwe headed to Prime skatepark in Plymouth. Heres a few pictures from the 2013 Hallween hammers! thanks to all who came! A few […]