Baby Frogs !!!

A few summers ago I spent a while watching and filming baby frogs in my mums pond in Plymouth. In the afternoon prehaps the hottest time of the day, I observed the frogs sitting on the pond lilly pads and preying on the Aphids wandering around. What I thought was amazing was the fact that […]

Out with New in with the Old.

With the deadline for Civcdaze (a Plymouth skateboarding video by Olly Howe)  looming derek went to work on the PHS rail He had that look in his eye! Olly was on hand to capture the rare sighting of the Dark lord. Classic derek coming through with the goods! a 100 mile an hour krooked grind! […]


So it decided to be Sunny for a full day in the South west believe it or not so a few of the civic daze crew decided to head to Kingsbridge bandstand to check out some steps we heard about. Heres what went down: Before i could even get my camera out ash was reeling […]