*CIVICDAZE UPDATE* – Mallorca Roadtrip

Well it was a few months back now and ive been having technical problems so let me off! any way at the beginnig of this so called British Summer the Director (olly Howe) organised a trip to Mallorca to see if we could get some footage for the civicdaze video! Sun, Skatespots and a beach […]


Well it reeks of deadline out there so we decided to go back the next day for more Kingsbridge steps action! Ghetto Luke got the ball rolling with a front shove it down the steps like only he can! A happy bunch! Stella fueled, odle Uncle Del went to work with the kickflip! in his […]

Civicdaze Filming Mission 2013

Marc S.A Carter came down for a few days to catch up on filming for the up coming civicdaze plymouth skate video by Olly howe , so we decided to head out to some street spots and see what would go down! S.A (South Africa) was on fire straight off the back of a five […]