You dont have to go overseas to see colour ful wildlife! If you look closely enough you can see it all around Britain!. Here are some pictures i took of a load of insects throughout the British summer. Mainly shot around Plymouth and the Devon coast. I hope you like them. enjoy! Red Damsel fly, […]


Its been a while due to weather conditions and other commitments but on this cold day in November a small bunch of the Civicdaze crew went out filming around Plymouth. Eager to make up for lost/gained time! After getting kicked off theatre royal by a silver medal snowboarding olympian policeman(apparently!) Luke got things started with […]


Most people have cats or dogs or budgies as pets! Not my friends Dan and Jake oh no. When they found two baby magpies which had fallen from there nest on the roof of a house there good will and kind nature kicked in and they promptly took the baby birds under their wing! Unfortunately […]